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I started building relational databases with Microsoft Access in 1996 and was introduced to Knack in 2016. I became a Knack Partner and part of the Expert Network in 2018.

I have over 10,000 hours of commercial building experience building with Knack.

My motivation is to build intuitive, scalable, and flexible solutions.

My passion is to simplify the complex.

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Carl Holmes - Director

CH Project Support Ltd


Building & Development

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Building your new Knack application for you based on your specific project requirements. Deep diving to understand your company process and workflow. Or, assisting you to develop your existing solution.

Mentoring & Coaching

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Creating a relational database does have a learning curve. I can help you make sense of things like object structure, field types, relationships, connections, workflow, page layouts, data validation, data normalisation, data integrity, page views, rules, user accounts and user logins.

Training & Tuition

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New to Knack and looking for help designing and building or re-building your own application. Tailored online 1-on-1 hourly sessions tutoring where you "drive",  and I provide support and guidance to help you build your own application


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Considering Knack as your online database solution? Would you like to discuss  this with a professional to see if its a good fit for you, and or your Company.

Please note, I am not a coder.



Karrie Shield

Clean Learning

I love Knack and Carl makes it so easy to create it. Knack gives us solutions to problems we didn't even know we had!


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