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Asa Magnusson

I wouldn’t have known about Knack as an option if it wasn’t for Carl, and I was absolutely amazed at how quickly he was able to construct exactly what we needed – and not a single Excel formula in sight! We’re now looking forward to rolling out this directory across the entire organisation.

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Kris Mesner

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I chose to work with Carl Holmes, and I made the right choice. Carl lives in England; I live in the U.S., but that wasn’t a problem. Our deliberations on the project were effortless. We collaborated on what was needed and Carl built the app in stages, showing us videos of his progress and letting us test drive it throughout the process


Travis Spruit

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We contacted Carl after watching his superb YouTube videos and got him involved in our Knack project and was blown away by his knowledge and skill in the field. He was able to quickly understand the requirements of the project and provide effective solutions that helped us to go live with the database. In addition to his technical expertise, Carl is also a great communicator and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him for any project involving Knack. Honestly he has been incredible we really appreciate his help.

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Michelle Morris

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Carl is an excellent communicator. Always prompt with a very pleasant demeanour. He is always willing to assist and constantly updates his Knack knowledge so he can provide updates to our business critical Knack applications. This ensures they are all working efficiently. Both Knack and Carl are vital service. We wouldn't want to go back to pre-Knack days.

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Jason Oliver

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Carl has worked on building Databases for us for since 2016. He introduced us to Knack which has made a massive positive impact on our business. Carl has a vast knowledge of building within Knack and can quickly understand our needs prior to building the solution. We have introduced him to several other business' and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

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Sofie Schenkel

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I was looking for someone who could support and mentor me without building the app for me. I wanted to learn it myself. I found Carl by submitting a request to the Knack Experts Network and it was just the perfect fit from the start! Carl was a real gamechanger for this project and I feel very lucky that I have met him. He is very committed and openly shares his deep knowledge of Knack


Ambrose Longy

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We came to Carl with a prickly pear because a lot of the scoping had already been done upstream and a good part of the app's schema and interface building had been started. With crystal clear explanations, detailed documentation and proper time spent on walkthroughs in the Knack builder and in our app, knowledge transfer is not just the handover of a finished job; it comes with a ton of tips and tricks on how Knack works so we also gain in our own autonomy.


Karie Shield

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The joy of Knack is being able to have all your data in one place, with bespoke views to access it easily and accurately in a way that makes sense for your business. The joy of working with Carl is that he listens, asks questions and uses his Knack knowledge to create what you and your business needs.

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François Leprêtre

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We approached Carl with a vague concept of what we wanted. He was able to quickly put things together and deliver a working beta within days. We were so impressed with the quality of his work and the look and feel of the application – I huge thanks to him and a big recommendation for anyone looking for this service.


International Sunday Times No.1 best-selling author. Helped hundreds of individuals to write, publish and sell their books. Described as 'One of the top 3 professional speakers in the world'. Works with individuals and organisations who have a desire to be brilliant.

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